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    Aid in Recovery Comments on Recent Op-Ed in The Tennessean on Safe Harbor Act

    Friday 18 April 2014 - Filed under Variety

    Aid in Recovery, a full service drug and alcohol treatment center servicing south Florida, released a statement today commenting on a recent op-ed in The Tennessean dealing with the Safe Harbor Act. The Safe Harbor Act was passed to give pregnant women incentives to enter treatment programs, including a guarantee that they wont lose custody of their newborn solely because of drug use.

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    Stuart Florida (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

    Aid in Recovery released a statement today commenting on a recent op-ed in the Tennessean regarding the Safe Harbor Act of 2013. The act was passed in Tennessee in order to entice pregnant women who were drug users into entering treatment programs.

    According to the Op-Ed in The Tennessean (Treat, dont jail, drug-addicted mothers-to-be, 3/25/2014), the results of the Safe Harbor Act have been mixed. According to the op-ed, the results have been divisive enough to spur some lawmakers into suggesting criminal punishments for drug-addicted women who are pregnant.

    We at Aid in Recovery would like to see some consistent messaging to mothers potentially affected by the Safe Harbor Act, said Dr. Michael Lukens, Psychologist at Aid in Recovery. Some of these mothers, especially those that are habitual users, may not believe the guarantees made by the act, either due to misinformation or fear. We live in an age of preventative medicine, where treatment for substance abuse addition is more affordable and accessible than ever. Our leaders owe it to us to unify on this issue for the good of the people, drug addicted or otherwise.

    Aid in Recovery prides itself on keeping up with the latest news and trends in the field of substance abuse treatment and prevention. For more information on the services and treatments offered at Aid in Recovery, please visit http://findthebestrehab.com/.

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    Aid in Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center. Our approach is defined by recognizing each clients need for a personalized drug and alcohol treatment program. We arent a hospital-like institution and theres a good reason for that. We believe that treating each client as an individual is crucial to delivering the best possible patient care. At a busy clinic-like program, it simply isnt possible for a therapist to truly get to know each client and understand their specific needs. To best meet the needs of each patient we treat, we offer a diverse curriculum with a focus on both mind and body designed to meet the individual. We treat every patient as an individual and we work with one patient at a time.


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