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    leather or military jacket?

    Friday 18 April 2014 - Filed under Variety

    1. I am wanting a leather jacket but also a vintage military jacket but I only want a jacket that will last, I was thinking that I cant wear a leather jacket 9int the rain so might as well get the vintage military jacket, but I dont know that much about vintage clothing, like how long they last or if they are damaged easily. so can you give me some facts on both of them, Ive looked at websites but their too confusing like it says some leather jackets fade quickly due to rain or over usage but how do I know if the leather jacket I pick will fade and some vintage clothing falls apart if not washed correctly but is that the same with a vintage jacket?
      Dont bother answering this question if your just gonna make fun of me or try to say something stupid.

      Answer by doughnutboy20
      Leather jacket

    2. Who will win between the Jackets or Blues????

      Answer by Bryan
      I cant see STL losing at home in a big game. Should be full house and good atmosphere.

    3. Which ones are better for running? Im likin the Half Jacket because its 40 dollars cheaper, but Ill consider the Flak Jacket if its somehow better.

      For instance, does the Flak Jacket feature more “technology” (hydrophobic, polarized, etc.)? Or do both of them have the same features but one is just cheaper?


      Answer by dwc_frr74
      The flak jacket is a 15+ year old design. There are fewer lens options and there are fewer frame color options as well.

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      There is less unobtanium so that means less grip.

      Both glasses feature the polarized lens option, but only the flak has the Hydro/oleophobic lens coating.

      Plus, unless you want to go “Retro chic”, the “fashion” aspect of the half jacket is really dated. theres lots of “stuck in the 90s” folks who wear half jackets.



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