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    Wednesday 5 March 2014 - Filed under Variety

    Selected Fantastic o Graphics

    1. O.O.C.
      Image by fabianopcampos
      Essa manipulao outra que est h tempos em meu computador quee nunca tinha finalizado e mesmo assim ainda sinto que faltou algo na foto -

      Sim meus queridos, Mariah foi capa da Playboy de Maro de 2007, mas nada de mostrar a tcheca =/ s foi um ensaio sensual. A foto original da capa no existe ento eu tive o trabalho de tirar essas letras dos infernos em cima do cabelo e refazer a pele. Acho que a nica coisa que gostei mesmo foi a tipografia… –


      This manipulation is another that its saved in my computer for a long time waiting to finish and even finished Im not totally satisfied. -

      Yes my homeslices, Mariah was a Playboy Magazine Cover in March 2007 but she didnt show her pussy (hahaha xD), shes just in sexy pics. The original cover pic doesnt exist, so I had to redo her hair and her skin erasing the letters on it. But the final result I just like the typography. -

    2. O Caritas?
      Image by churl
      I noticed in his photostream that he shot a picture of my legs, and I did remember seeing someone avidly shooting on the opposite bank.

    3. OConnell Street, Dublin
      Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
      Photographer Richard Tilbrook captured a fine array of pedestrians in this shot – "ordinary" women; a nun; a schoolboy; a window cleaner; and a cyclist. Also in evidence is the haphazard parking down the middle of OConnell Street that would give a modern traffic warden pause for thought.

      Signage for the Confectioners Hall (second frontage from the left) is still there today, and think that may be Cafollas Italian Chippers next door…

      Date: June 1963

      NLI Ref.: TIL853

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