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    With Inventory Management from SecureNet, Merchants Can Now Manage Inventory & View Rich Sales Analytics in Real Time across Mobile, In-store and Online Channels

    Wednesday 5 March 2014 - Filed under Variety

    Industrys first payment platform fully integrated with inventory management gives merchants access to in-depth inventory and sales analytics across channels, all from a single interface.

    Austin, TEXAS (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

    SecureNet is introducing comprehensive new features to help merchants track and manage their inventory across all sales channels. Now, merchants using SecureNets PayOS solution have access to complete inventory management and enhanced reporting capabilities.

    With the addition of inventory management, all merchants using SecureNets PayOS can easily track across all locations what they have in stock, what theyve sold and when they need to replenish. A payment platform integrated with inventory management and rich sales data analytics simplifies reconciliation and provides merchants with invaluable insights to make smarter business decisions in real time.

    The new inventory management feature is the first of its kind, as merchants were never before able to use their payment systems as an all-in-one, omnichannel solution to manage inventory across all channels. PayOS inventory management includes:

    In-app inventory tracking, management and replenishment directly from the PayOS mobile app
    Import and export capabilities that allow merchants to easily transfer and integrate inventory data into other systems
    Integration with third-party e-commerce platforms. Sales and inventory data by location provides merchants more valuable insights into their business.
    The ability to set replenishment thresholds and alerts

    Enhanced reporting delivers sales data in easy-to-use graphs so merchants can view total sales by time day, week, month, quarter and year including card sales (card present and card not present), cash sales and refunds. Now, business owners with multiple channels and multiple locations are able to see what theyre selling, where theyre selling and how each store is performing. Merchants will finally be able to answer the questions: How much of my sales are card sales vs. cash sales? and What was sold online vs. in the store?

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    Retailers weve spoken with are frustrated with the challenges of reconciling product inventory across multiple sales channels when their mobile, online and brick-and-mortar systems cant speak to each other, said Brent Warrington, CEO, SecureNet. Were excited to offer merchants this level of seamless integration, giving them a single payments solution and a simpler way to reconcile sales via mobile, in-store and online.

    About SecureNet PayOS mobile

    The PayOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad enables business owners to quickly and easily accept payments and manage their businesses anywhere. Customizable inventory, tax, sales reporting and staff management settings allow business owners to configure their mobile store any way they want. The app helps speed up the customer checkout process with smart inventory sorting, one-tap sales ticket creation, customized tipping amounts and instant, location-stamped email receipts. PayOS mobile also lets merchants and their employees initiate hassle-free refunds right from the app.

    Through a single full-service account, SecureNet merchants can securely accept point-of-sale, online and mobile payments as their business grows and needs change. To learn more about SecureNets PayOS mobile application, visit http://www.securenet.com/payment-solutions/mobile. To learn more about inventory management, visit http://www.securenet.com/payment-solutions/inventory-management.

    About SecureNet Payment Systems

    SecureNet is streamlining the way businesses accept payments. SecureNets integrated suite of payment tools is the simplest and most advanced way for merchants of all sizes to manage commerce in any environment: in-store, online and via mobile devices. The platform is backed by detailed business analytics that help merchants make informed decisions to grow their business. SecureNets unique direct connection to card networks makes pricing the most transparent and straightforward in the industry. SecureNet is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Find more information at http://www.securenet.com.


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